[+] Real Estate Law
Our firm has been handling practically all aspects of real estate law for years, including boundary disputes, ownership rights or claims, zoning issues, foreclosures, land development and transactional work such as title opinions or title insurance, closings and document preparation, among other things. The bottom line is we have the experience to confidently handle your real estate related legal needs.
[+] Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts
Most every person has a need for estate planning on some level or another. Wealth preservation and transfer of one ís wealth are the most common reasons for estate planning, and we can help ensure your estate passes according to your wishes and desires. All too often people do not realize they have a need for estate planning, leaving it unaddressed until too late, which results in new problems for loved ones left behind and their assets being used in ways they never intended. We encourage you not put off this important consideration and contact us to schedule a short 15 minute estate planning conference.
[+] Administration of Estates / Probate
The loss of a loved one is never easy to go through and the added task of handling their estate creates an entirely new set of difficulties and confusion. In fact, improper handling of an estate can result in liabilities against the representative and reprimand from the Court. Our firm works closely with estate representatives to guide them through the legal process and answer their questions along the way. Also, we can help take advantage of the various legal avenues for by-passing unnecessary steps of estate administration. Do not make the mistake of going this alone and put our experienced team to work for you.
[+] Small Business & Corporate
If you own or operate a business you are already aware of the ongoing and changing legal issues you routinely face. The importance of not facing these alone but with trusted and experienced legal advisors cannot be stressed enough. Your focus should be on your business, with the confidence and security of knowing your legal needs have been addressed. We routinely work with businesses of all sizes in a variety of different industries and trades to handle their legal needs. Let us work with you and see the difference we can make.
[+] Business Organization & Structure
There are many options when it comes to how a business may be structured, LLC, corporation, limited partnership and many others, but choosing the right fit for your business is what matters. We will learn about your business and objectives, review business structure options with you, help you select the right structure and implement it. Also, we know the legal requirements for forming a registered legal entity and can help you avoid the pitfalls and frustrations of noncompliance, including rejection of your business setup.